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Google Cloud Console Settings

  • Go to google search bar and type ‘Google API cloud console’
  • Then click on following link:


  • Next thing is to log in your google account

  • Once you logged in so following screen will appear
  • You have to click on ‘My Project’ as per below image

  • By clicking on this button, you will be directed to below popup screen
  • Here click on ‘New Project’


  • A form will open to register a new project. User needs to enter following items in that form to proceed further

a-   Project Name

b-  Organization

c-   Location

  • Click on Create


  • Your new project will be generated by clicking on ‘Create’ Button and will give a notification
  • In ‘Notification’ list, click on ‘View’

  • Clicking on ‘View’ button will open following screen
  • Here we have to click on ‘Go to API’s Overview’

  • Then following screen will appear in which you have to go in ‘Credentials’ Tab
  • And then click on ‘Create Credentials’
  • Select ‘API Key’

  • Your API key will be created

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