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Features List

  • Stores can be added with Operating Timings, Address, Contact Details, Description about your store and Assigned Sales Manager
  • Store categories can be added so that different category of stores will be displayed on your map.
  • Store Tags can be added so that the user can search stores via ‘Tag Words’
  • We can maintain ‘Store Manager’ list. One manager can be assigned to a specific store as well as multiple stores
  • There is an option to ‘Import Stores’ and ‘Store Managers’ in csv file format
  • We can export ‘Stores’ (by category filters) in csv format that we have made for our website
  • Lastly, we can export ‘Sales Managers’ list in csv format that can be forward to anyone or can be modified for own use
  • Import / Export New UI
  • Map Theme color
  • Map Button color
  • Map Label color
  • Gutenberg Block Support
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