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Frontend Functionality

  • We need to go on ‘Store Page’ Tab or the tab where you have saved the ‘shortcode’

  • Click on ‘Search Option’ and it will show you following ‘search filters’:

    • ‘Search stores by radius’
    • ‘Search stores by category’
    • ‘Search stores by tags’

  • Whatever the search filter has applied it will show the result
  • List of locations will be displayed
  • Cluster of locations can be seen which will be segregated upon scrolling

  • If we click on any ‘Store’ it will show the details of that store in this way

  • We can ‘get the direction’ of store from ‘Our Location’ or the ‘default location of map’

  • Map type can be changed

  • If you are at some location but you want to set the map as it was showing on default so click on ’Reset Map’ Button

  • Map is on his default screen now

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