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Adding Store Category

  • Go to ‘Store Locator’ Tab
  • Then ‘Store Categories’ Tab
  • Here you can add ‘Name’
  • Add ‘Slug’
  • Add ‘Parent Category’ by selecting a previously added category or set as ‘none’. None means it has no parent category.
  • Give ‘Description’ if you want

  • Add ‘Marker Color’ that you want to use to indicate your added store on map
  • If you have a ‘Custom Marker’ so you can upload it
  • Click on ‘Add New Category’


Impact on frontend

By selecting ‘BAKERS’ in category dropdown,list of bakeries has displayed with pointed locations on map

Edit/Delete an Added Store Category

  • Go to ‘Stores Categories’
  • We can ‘Edit’ any of previously added ‘Store Category’ or can ‘Delete’ it.

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