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Manual Addition of Store

  • Go to ‘Store Locator’ Tab
  • Then ‘Store List’
  • Give ‘Name’ to your store
  • Add ‘Description’ if you want

  • Add ‘Phone No’
  • Add ‘fax’
  • Add ‘Email Address’
  • Add ‘Website’
  • Add ‘New Category’ or ‘Select’ from previously added categories
  • Add ‘Tags’ or ‘Select’ from previously added tags
  • Set ‘Product Image’

  • Select ‘Working Hours’
  • Select Sales Manager

  • Give your ‘Address’ in ‘Address Bar’
  • ‘Store Longitude and Latitude’ will be auto picked
  • Select ‘Country’ from dropdown option
  • Select ‘State’ from dropdown option
  • Enter ‘City Name’
  • Enter ‘Postal Code’

  • Click on ‘Publish’ and the Store will be saved



Impact on frontend

All the details that has added above will get displayed against every store

Edit or Delete an Added Store

  • Go to Store Locator Tab
  • Then Stores List
  • You can see an added store along with options to ‘edit’ or ‘trash’

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