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Map Addition

  • Now you have to add a map and its shortcode is going to be pasted on a page, All the stores will get displayed on this map.
  • Name the Map
  • Next is Map Settings: You can use ‘Global Settings’ which would utilize the settings that are set at ‘Store Locator’ Tab > ‘Settings’ Tab > ‘Map Settings’. Else all the settings in this tab can be set manually
  • In case of ‘Individual Map Setting’ we need to set following items:
  1. Checkmark ‘Show map on frontend’ so that it will render the map
  2. Map Width and Map Height
  3. Map Type
  4. Search Unit
  5. Direction Selection
  6. Default Map Zoom Level
  7. Location Search Zoom Level
  8. Fit Screen to Stores
  9. Fill radius with color
  10. Fill color 
  11. Search Radius option
  12. Show Street View Control
  13. Show Map Cluster
  14. On page load get location
  15. Scroll to map top after search
  16. Show map type control
  17. Zoom by scroll on map
  18. Show map search options
  19. Hide Fields for ‘Search Map’ option
  20. Switch to RTL (When a user is utilizing language)
  21. Set map style 
  22. Use Marker for default location of map/ You can add custom marker too
  23. Store Marker to Point Stores/ You can add custom marker too (We can also use Store Category Marker)
  24. Set info window content which will show the details of each store
  25. You can set customized map styles
  26. You can set ‘Placeholder’ and ‘Grid Settings’
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