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Plugin Features


User Marker Styling

User marker
This marker is a point as per user search on the map.

Or add Custom marker url
The custom marker upload by user as per their choice

Store Marker
The map uses markers to point out the stores on the map.

info window content
You can customize the content of the info window here by adding HTML if you need. Also, you can use the below variables in the content.
<div><div>{image}</div><h3>{name}</h3><p>{address} {city}, {state} {country} {zipcode}</p><span>{phone}</span><span>{website}</span></div>

Customized Map Style
You can customize the look of the map by adding styles here. You can get some styles from Snazzy Maps.


How to Add a New Map

Goto Store Locator MapAdd New Map

Add Map Title Setup all fields On Add New Map Page Like Initialize Map Setup, Map Settings, Map Styles, Grid Settings,

Use global settings
Or Enable this option to use Default Settings

How to setup Shortcode
Once your map is ready to Go to Maps Copy shortcode and now you can place map shortcode anywhere you’d like, and it will add a specific feature to your page, post, or other content.



Copy this shortcode

Features of Free Version