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Google Maps API Settings


Google Maps API:-

API key A server key allows you to monitor the usage of the Google Maps Geocoding API.
As of June 22, 2016, Google Maps no longer allows requests for new projects that don’t include an API key.
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Get API Key:-

To use the Google Maps JavaScript API, you must register app project on the google API Console and get a Google API key which you can add to your app.

Quick guide to getting a API Key

Step 1: Get an API key
Click the button below, which guide you through the process of registering a project in the Google API Console, activates the Google Maps javascript API and any related services automatically, and generates a generic, unrestricted API key.

Go to the Plugin Settings Click on Initialize Tab Paste API Key in text box and Click on save changes button

How to setup General Map Setting

General Map Setting Screen: –


Show map on the frontend
Enable the display of the map on the frontend and show the map submitted short code page.

Map width and height
Set the width and height of the wp multi-store locator to show on frontend.

Map type for the google map location preview
Chose any one option from the four options: –
1- Roadmap – display the default road map view.
2- satellite – display satellite images.
3- Hybrid – displays a combination of normal and satellite views.
4- Terrain – displays a normal street map based on terrain information.

Search unit
Set the search unit for measure the distance in kilometer or miles.

Search radius options
Choose search options here. the default one will be between square brackets.

Show street view control?
Show street control on the map in the frontend.

Scroll to Map top after Search
Click on check box to enable scrolling option after search

Show map type control?
Enable the user to change the map type from the frontend.

Zoom scroll on the map?
Enable/Disable zoom by the scroll on the map.

Show map search option
Enable this option to showing search fields on front end

Hide Fields for Search
User Can control fields for search like Get my location, Radius field, category field to showing on front end.

Map Search Open as Default
User can select whether they wanted to open map search option or not.

Switch to RTL
Language Supported with RTL. This Plugin can have any language that is used by the website.

Custom map styling
You can change the map color, panel colors, text colors and many more from the administrator’s panel.

Placeholders Settings: –

Placeholders Settings Screen: –

Get Location Text Button
Set Get Location Text Button showing on front end.

Enter Location Text
Insert Location Text showing on front end

Select Category
Insert Category you can use on front end

Select Tags
Select pre-defined tags showing on front end

Search Options Button Text
Insert Search Options Button Text showing on front end

Location not found text
Insert Location not found text showing on front end.

Grid Settings: –

Grid Setting Screen: –

Show grid on the frontend
Show the results in the grid in the frontend.

Maximum Number of Marker to be displayed
A Select number of stores to be displayed per page.

Autoload results on the scroll
Enable/Disable autoload results when scrolling down.
Displayed Columns
Select the displayed column in the grid in the frontend by order.
Map Result Show on
User can select the display location where search result showing on front end (1) On Map Left side (2) On Map Right Side (3) Below Map

Map Search Options Window Show on
User can select where they wanted to show Search Option on front end (1) On Map Left side (2) On Map Right Side (3) Below Map


Single Page Settings: –

Single Page Settings Screen: –

Link store to a single page?
Enable/Disable when clicking on store go to a single page for more details.

Enter Unique Slug Name
User manually add any unique slug by their choice.

Show feature image of the store??
Enable/Disable the display of feature image of the store in the inner page.

Show map on page??
Enable/Disable showing a map in the inner page of the store.

Displayed Columns?
Select the displayed column in the page in the frontend by order using any tag.

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