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Easy to configure

Easily change and configure map templates, marker styles, address formats, store locations, and more on the settings page.

Works in any country

Customers using WP Multi-Store Locator can search for your store address in any country around the world.

Easy to manage

Easily customize locations on the Store Locator using the management dashboard – User-friendly & easy to manage.

Custom map style

Customize the map according to your needs – Change the visual representation of the map and create your own unique style.


Use different shortcodes to display the store locator on your website. Add a simple store map and the address details on any page’s layout.

Translation ready

WP Store Locator is compatible with multilingual translation plugins like WPML to translate your address details into any language.

Driving directions

Show your customers driving directions from their location to your store locations – Provide easy and user-friendly navigation.

Custom Markers

Customize the colors of your markers according to the theme of your website. Choose between 9 different retina markets that will give a sharp retina display.

Developer friendly

WP Store Locator is tangible to any developer’s needs – It comes with a variety of different filters that are used on a Custom Post Type.

Multi Purpose Responsive Templates & Layouts

Multi-Purpose Responsive Templates & Layouts

The WP Multi-Store Locator is more than just a store location finder. This WordPress plugin comes equipped with a variety of templates, layout, and color options that are both easy to use and developer-friendly.

It utilizes multiple layouts that can easily adapt to your website. Each template has its own vast array of color options to choose from. Choose to switch between list or accordion layouts that work great when highlighting hierarchies of cities, states, and countries.

Create Multiple Maps According To Your Categories

Have the ability to create multiple maps according to the categories set on your website. It does not matter if you have hundreds of stores across the world, simply filter your stores by their categories and start creating maps.

WP Multi-Store Locator gives you the power to control how your maps are displayed on the front-end. Want to change how the markers are shown on two individual maps? No problem. Choose from a wide array of options for each map.

Powerful Location Finder with ability to Filters Stores Near Your Location

A Powerful Location Finder with The Ability to Filters Stores Near Your Location

The WP Multi-Store Locator’s location finder plugin allows your user to apply filters so that they can find your store near their location. Your customers can easily change the filter settings or change the supported region by using the distance range slider.

What’s great is that this plugin supports GeoLocation through which you can get access to the address details of your current location – Outstandingly accurate & precise.

Import/Export Store Addresses & Details Through Excel Sheet

Enjoy complete control over how easily you can import and export your extensive collection of store addresses and details via Excel Files. WP Multi-Store Locator features an import tool that allows you to import stores onto your WordPress website using a predefined Excel template.

No limitations, no restrictions – Effortlessly import as many store details as you want without any limits. Even better, the Google Map WordPress plugin auto creates missing categories on your stores by fetching missing coordinates from the Google geo-encoding service


Import Export Store Addresses Details Through Excel Sheet
Multi Language Support With RTL

Multi-Language Support With RTL

The WP Multi-Store Locator supports all languages that can be added by following no more than just a few steps. Get help from our technical documentation and how-to-guides to add your own language to this amazing plugin.

Add multiple languages on your website – WP Multi-Store Locator allows multiple languages supported with RTL (Right to Left text direction) so that you can easily cater to millions that use a different language.

Dedicated Direction Service Supported

Help your website visitors get the direction to your stores with ease. The WP Multi-Store Locator gives your customers accurate driving directions from point A to point B drawn directly on Google Maps.

Provide easy and user-friendly navigation to customers that want to find your store without any problems – A dedicated direction service that is supported by Google Maps.

Dedicated Direction Service Supported New
Snazzy Map Styles & Options

Snazzy Map Styles & Options

Choose from an extensive collection of map themes and options that come with the WP Multi-Store Locator Plugin. Easily change the map options on your WordPress website using Snazzy map options that can be accessed from the admin plugin settings.

Snazzy maps are customizable so that you can create custom markers and labels that match the theme layout and colors of your WordPress website.

Unlimited Markers & Clusters

This WordPress Plugin features an unlimited number of markers and clusters. You can pinpoint unique locations on your map or even create a cluster that rounds up markers to give you better results. Every cluster you create will display the number of markers currently clustered together.

You can set the default zoom option to display your cluster over a zoomed-out map. Zoom-in on the map to see the breakdown of the cluster; Individual markers on the map.

WP Multi Store Locator
WP MultiStore Locator Multiple Search

Multiple Search Filters

Show results of a custom search on your map using multiple search filter parameters like Tags, Categories, Search Radius, and Location Field. These results are also updated in real-time regardless of multiple search options currently active on the map.

Users can either use one or multiple search filters simultaneously to get the results they desire – Refined and accurate results.


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