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How to Improve User Experience (UX) Using WP Multi Store Locator Pro?

Improve User Experience

User Experience (UX) is a set of activities, behaviors that enable customers to exhibit their online presence when interacting with a website. Numerous factors are impacting UX, from website design to form design.

Precisely, User Experience shows users’ impressions on your website or relevant applications that are solely focused on how simple and easy to use. When users improve UX, you can create a more suitable place for potential customers to interact with your brand.

Moreover, UX goes beyond an aesthetic web design. If your website doesn’t provide users what they are usually expecting and helps them make the best choices, you’ll usually like to lose revenue.

What is WP Multi Store Locator Pro?

WP Multi Store Locator is a WordPress plugin that enables users to experience multiple functionalities if you work on an online store and requires smart search functionality concerning categories and location guidelines. It enables users to give the ability to the admin in the backend to manage their stores and sales manager for a specific franchise.

It is a complete package that constitutes an enormous amount of features such as search store, adjacent store functionality, multiple template supports, and map detail direction from the starting point to the ending point. Adjusts your customizable markers and clusters, embed map functionality to paste embed code across multiple sections easily.

Users can easily manage snazzy map styles, store tags, and use shortcodes to view search maps anywhere on a social media post, site page, and many more. It also searches for stores by region and vice versa.

What’s New in WP Multi Store Locator Pro?

The new ‘WP Multi Store Locator Pro‘ enables users to configure multiple stores on the map. The stores are searched from ‘Category Filter,’ ‘Tag Words,’ and ‘Radius.’ Moreover, search patterns are not limited to any country’s premises. If your store has different branches in various countries, the map showcases all those constituted in your search radius.

Users can set multiple stores to point out the total amount of stores in a specific area at the nearest distance. Whenever the user zooms into these pointed numbers, the hidden stores would be segregated and revealed separately.

Likewise, each listed store has an option of “Get Direction” that fetches “Your Current Location” or the “Location that has been set by the admin at backend” and shows the route to the destined location. Multistore Locator is using Google Map API that provides prompt information for your search query.

WP Multi Store Locator Pro: Features?

This plugin comes with some enticing & modern features that are as follows:
  • Stores can be added with operational timings, address, contact information, description about your store, and designated sales manager.
  • Stores categories can also be added so that multiple categories of stores will be displayed on the top of the list
  • The implementation of Store tags enables users to search stores via “Tag Words.”
  • Users can manage the “Store Manager” list, and one manager can be assigned to a particular store and multiple stores.
  • There is a feature “Import Stores” and “Store Managers” in CSV file format.
  • Users can export “Stores” (by category filters) in CSV format created for our specific website.
  • In the end, users can export the “Sales Manager” list in CSV format that can be moved or shared to anyone or can be tailored for their personal use.

Final Thoughts:

Lastly, we can say that WP multi Store Locator Pro is an advanced and reliable store locator plugin that helps users connect with the digital world. It bridges the gap between the user location and digital mediums, i.e., handheld devices, smartphones, GPS.
To know more about WP Multi Store Locator Pro, Read the technical documentation here

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